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Renton Builders Ltd.

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William and Esther Renton

Hi my name is William Renton, builder and co-director of Renton Builders Ltd.

My training started at a very young age in the rural sector where I learned the importance of honesty, reliability and practicality. These are the attributes that help us deliver a service we are proud of. Early on in my career I was fortunate enough to train as a traditional cabinet-maker and these skills have served me well during my years in the building trade - 

cabinetmakers make the fussiest builders!

I am extremely fortunate to have the support of my partner Esther, administrator and co-director of Renton Builders. Esther takes meticulous care in the all important quotes, contracts, insurances and general administration tasks created by the modern building industry - so the builders stick to building.

Over 15 years in the building trade from maintenance through to award winning architectural builds I have found the key factors to a successful build always remain the same:

" EXCELLENCE which can only be attained when you employ good COMMUNICATION with clients, staff and subcontractors coupled with a pride in QUALITY workmanship and delivery of excellent service.

We are constantly up-skilling and looking at new techniques so we can continue to deliver  top quality workmanship and service.

Sustainability and waste reduction are important to Renton Builders, we believe it is important to look after the beautiful country we are privileged to live in.